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  1. Dear billi-Jean,

    Hi, I’m the webmaster at Connect The Thoughts and I was just browsing for homeschooling blogs to see what others have done and came across your site. Wonderfully done!

    Looks awfully cold in Ontario. Spent a week in your neighborhood in March 2006 and while lovely to visit I was glad to get back to Hollywood.

    If you get a free moment, visit our site:



  2. I too, am a mom to a hockey goalie so I feel your pain.
    My daughter is a goalie on her U12 all girls team.
    Cheers to us!
    Since you are a spinner and knitter, I want to share a great website with you. It’s Ravelry dot com. (I see that you spelled out a few things so I thought I would too) It’s in beta right now, but join (it’s free) as soon as you can. I spend hours there.
    I am DarkestBlaze there, please look me up when you get there.

  3. Sorry, I realized few minutes ago that you live in Canada, but also i don’t hear about my family there.

    Joanna Kastrau

  4. Hi,
    My name is Joanna Kastrau and I am searching for my family in other countries, because my grandfather asked me for this. In your website I read about some Kastrau’s Garden Centre. Could you tell me something about it. I’m sure that it connects with my family, because name – Kastrau is very seldom. Moreover I come from Polen, so I know that I have family in Germany, I don’t hear anything about England.

    I ask for some information on my e-mail:

    Thanks for help,
    Joanna Kastrau

  5. Hi Billie Jean,

    Very beginner knitter here and stumbled across your blog when searching for hat patterns. I found myself very intrigued by your pictures. You have a very beautiful site and I just wanted to let you know that your photography is amazing! It looks like you have a beautiful life.

    Do you know a good site to find very basic hat patterns? I have not graduated to circular needles…the are a little intimidating :)


    Way north of Smithers BC near Yukon Territory at a little lodge called Bell 2

  6. Hi Billie Jean-

    Was searching for a yule log recipe. I remembered how much I enjoyed them growing up (started making them in high school when I was studing French) and was trying to find a new recipe… moved out and mom threw “stuff” out. The picture of yours on your blog looked delicious! Is it possible to share the recipe or is it a family secret????

  7. Hi Billi-Jean,
    You have a great blog. I still haven’t been to the wool shop in B’ton but hope to go soon. Do you know of any volunteer opportunities for knitting? I am sorry you don’t sleep well; I can’t imagine. I had to laugh about you buying crocs!!

  8. Hi, Billi-Jean!

    I cannot send an e-mail to You, there is an error on this page!

    from Riga, Latvia, Europe

  9. Hi Billi-Jean, we met last week the the RBG Homeschooler class.
    YOur site is realy great. Your photography has got me inspired…hmmm
    love the pic of the grasshopper behind the glass door, cute
    we are looking into doint this blogger thing ourselves, prefer this outlet to the paper journel ive been keeping on our homeshooling journey of a whole month!
    terrific work- and tks for your tips, sandra d.

  10. Jeannette Cooke / July 21, 2006 at 1:31 am /Reply

    Hi Billi-Jean

    I found your interesting website when I was googling for a feathers and fan scarf. Love the one you have done. Are you able to email me a copy of the pattern please?

    Regards from Jeannette
    in very cold Timaru, South Island, New Zealand.

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