Easter Eggcup Planters [DIY]

By Billi-Jean  •  Apr 4, 2017 at 2:27pm  •  Celebrate

DIY: Make Easter Eggcup Planters Using Succulents

These adorable Easter eggcup planters are super easy to make and are perfect for Easter or spring decor. They’re ideal for Easter baskets, hostess gifts or as guest favours at a springtime wedding or baby shower. You can even use them in your Easter tablescape.
The small size means these eggcup planters are easy to place. And succulents are easy to care for, even in the tiny containers. As your plants outgrow their eggcups, transplant them in a larger pot or terrarium for year round natural beauty in your home.

Succulents in Eggcup Planters for Easter Decor

Springtime means new plants, so I always have potted tulips and pussy willow branches around the house. Somehow, tiny plants in eggcups make perfect sense! And I don’t know about those fuzzy yellow pipe cleaner chicks – they always look so confused. They crack me up and I can never resist picking up a package or two when I see them. I think they look adorable with the baby tears. I love the look, but baby tears are harder to care for than the succulents because they require constant moisture. So I suggest only using this plant if you are prepared to mist them every day. Otherwise, stick to the succulents.



  • egg cups
  • small pebbles, like aquarium gravel. I used decor pebbles that I already had.
  • potting soil for succulents
  • tiny succulent plants, often called plugs.
  • very small decorative picks, or make your own with small items and cocktail picks.



  • Fill the bottom third of an egg cup with the pebbles.

  • If necessary, gently spread the roots of a succulent plug so that it isn’t too deep for the egg cup.
  • Then plant the plug, gently pressing the soil around the roots.

  • Add a decorative pick. I used plastic eggs and fluffy pipe cleaner chicks, first mounting them on a cocktail pick that I’d cut to fit the egg cup, then pushing the pick into the soil.
  • To water your succulents, use a straw to trap water, then water gently, a little at a time. Remember that, while succulents don’t need very much water, these little containers can dry out more quickly than bigger ones, so you may have to water more often. If you use the baby tears, you should mist them every day.


Tada! Done!

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