Nature Journal: Get Outside [Photos]

March 2017
By Billi-Jean  •  Apr 4, 2017 at 3:11pm  •  Nature, Nature Journal

Get Outside

Because it’s so important to get outside regularly, I make an effort to spend time in nature as often as possible. And to make the most of those experiences by documenting them, I keep a nature journal. Here is my photo gallery for March. Click on any image to see the full-sized slideshow. And remember to get outside.


Nature Journal: March 2017

March was a lion pretty much from beginning to end. We had several days of extremely cold temperatures, two snow storms, and almost endless rain. But, the days are longer, the sun stronger, buds are swelling, willow branches have gone yellow, and the primulas are up and beginning to bloom. There are lots of false starts to spring here, but it is finally underway.

I spent an afternoon working from the seat in the bay window with a wonderful view of falling snow. I took advantage of breaks in the rain to toss on a coat and boots and stroll around the yard and poke in the gardens looking for signs of spring. And the photos of the hawk and the goldfinch were taken from my couch!

March was a tough month for getting outside, but it was also very rewarding when I did.


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